Curator and researcher specialising in contemporary digital arts. Her work explores experimental frames of value, especially as they are re-imagined through creative engagements with emergent decentralised technologies. 

She is Assistant Professor in Digital Arts and Humanities at the University of Canberra. She has led and co-led curatorial projects for The Ideas Platform at Artspace (Sydney), West Space as part of Next Wave Festival (Melbourne), The Lock Up as part of This Is Not Art Festival (Newcastle), New Beginnings Refugee Culture and Arts Festival (Sydney) and Firstdraft (Sydney). Previously, she worked in contemporary arts, holding positions at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Australia Council for the Arts and the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

Most recently she co-curated Economythologies ML#X with Nancy Mauro-Flude. This was the first of the MoneyLab series of events to be held in the Southern Hemisphere. She is a board member of the MoneyLab Network and Digital Commons Policy Council.